mercredi 9 mars 2011

La Libye est-elle une crise humanitaire ?

J'ai peu de temps ces jours-ci, mais je vous recommande la lecture de cet article du blog de Foreign Policy, the Multilateralist qui s'interroge sur la crise en Libye en notamment sur la récurrence de la rhétorique de la "crise humanitaire" en Libye. Son dernier paragraphe est particulièrement pertinent :
The danger of thinking of the crisis almost exclusively in humanitarian terms is two-fold. First, this perspective could generate pressure for outside action that is ill-conceived and unsustainable. As the international experience in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995 demonstrated, intervening to avert humanitarian crisis--but without a clear political or military goal--can be disastrous. Perversely, military action designed around humanitarian need can be less effective in addressing those needs than intervention designed to achieve a decisive military victory.  More broadly, a profligate use of the term "humanitarian crisis" may devalue the concept, making it hard for the public to distinguish between a situation in which hundreds of thousands are at risk and less grave, but still serious, episodes.

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